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About Eddie's

Eddie’s was founded in 1965 in Coachella, CA by Eddie McCook, a native of Mountain View,
AR. From the very beginning, Eddie’s goal was to build transmissions that eliminated the
sources of failure inherent in each unit. By eliminating weaknesses, he sought to fix it right the
first time, every time. That remains the goal at Eddie’s today.

A few years later Eddie hired the brother-in-law of a drag racing friend to work in the shop after
school. Jr Mills would later become his son-in-law when he married Eddie’s only daughter,
Sharon. He never left the shop and became the only other transmission builder in the shop’s California history.

During its time there, Eddie’s became one of the most trusted transmission shops in all Southern
California. We became a research associate for a very well-known parts and repair solution
company and we maintain that relationship today. Customers were referred from up to 200 miles
away and repairing light tow vehicles and RVs became common. Although it was never a
performance only shop, we have built countless units for drag racing and performance street
machines. Some were built for accomplished race teams and even a few for a famous
performance transmission builder that many would know by name.

In 1992, Eddie moved the family back to his hometown. Jr and Eddie added an auto parts store
and renamed the business J&E Transmission and Auto Repair. The new business included a lawn
and outdoor equipment dealership as well.

Today we are back to our roots as a transmission only shop. Jr and Stan, his son and Eddie’s
grandson, renamed the shop Eddie’s Transmissions and relocated to the current location, 404
J&L Dr. in Mountain View. We maintain quality control by staying small. No one other than Jr
or Stan touches your transmission. The goal is still the same, to fix it right the first time, every

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